London Escorts Clients.

Bookings for London escorts can be a lot of fun. However, if you are really savvy about it, you can pick up some top tips from your London escorts dates as well. I have learned a lot since I began my London escorts career, and I can truly say that I am getting a real kick out of working for London escorts. Am I the only girl to feel like this? No, I am not the only girl at my local low cost London escorts to make the most out of what I have I learned during my time with London escorts.

Since I have been working for this companion company, I have learned to be very savvy in many ways. Many of my regular clients are well off and like to tell you about it. If you are new to these services, you should try to listen to what your dates at London escorts have to say. Since I started doing that I have been able to build up a nice little portfolio of savings and learned about things like stocks and shares as well. Hopefully, that will help me one day.

Another thing that I have learned from dates at London escorts is about property investments. Sure, you can put your money in the bank. But, interests rates are so low at the moment that you are not likely to make a lot of money from money in the bank. I have kept my nose to the ground as they say and learned that you can make money from property. It can be tough to do so in London, but there are still pockets in London where you can pick up cheap property. I have bought this cute little house as an investment property and one of my London escorts dates helped me to find it.

I have also learned to hang onto all of my jewellery. A couple of years back, I often use to sell a piece of jewelry a London escorts client had given to me. However, not I don’t do that anymore. Instead, I hang on to it. I have learned that jewelry prices will go up in the years to come and the bling that I have today will be worth a lot more. That is just one smart way of looking after what you have got and make sure that you make the most of it.

On top of that, I have learned not to work too hard. So many girls at London escorts work too hard and they simply end up too tired. When you do that, you can damage your entire career. In the end, you simply do not have the strength to date anymore and I am sure that you don’t get that much out of dates. Now I always take Saturday and Sunday off to spend some time with my friends and have a good time personally. When I come back to London escorts on Monday, my batteries are recharged and I am ready to go again

He should be my man

I really fancy one of the gents I date at London escorts. Not only is he very handsome, but he has the most wonderful personality as well. I adore him to bits, and put of all the gents I date at London escorts, he is the one guy I always look forward to seeing. But my heart breaks for him. You see, my dearly beloved Tony does not seem to be very well loved by his wife and that gets on my nerves. If he was my man, I would love him to bits.

Tony is rather well off, and does have a tendency to spoil me rotten. Out of all the gents I date at London escorts, he is probably the most generous gent. But I am not after his gifts or his money, I just want to spend time with him as he is so much fun to be with. His wife, however, seems to look at him like a bit of a meal ticket. I am sure there is not a lot of love in that marriage. Tony seems to spend all of his time buying his wife all of the things she wants.

When I speak to Tony, it is clear that he and his wife do not have a lot in common. Out of all the gents at cheap escorts who book me, Tony is the one I see the most of. My other London escorts gents, I may see about once a week, but Tony is different. He arranges dates with me about three times per week and they are always long dates. Most of the other guys who book me at cheap escorts only arrange their dates over about an hour, but Tony always likes to spend all evening with me.

The pattern to our dates is very much the same. We always go out for a meal, and talk for hours. Unlike some of the other gents, Tony takes me to all of the best restaurants and loves to help me to order. He is one of the most attentive men I have ever met and I love that about. I am pretty sure most of the girls at cheap escorts are jealous of me. They have met him a couple of times, and they have all liked him.

Do I think Tony would leave his wife for a sexy girl from a good cheap escorts agency? I am not sure about that, but I wish he would. I would really look after him. Like so many other gents his age, he loves good food. From what I understand, his wife seldom cooks for him, and that must be upsetting for him. I think that is one of the reasons why we eat out so much. Until I met Tony, I was not the most adventurous diner. Now you will catch me eating all sorts of things. I would love to cook and care for Tony. At the moment he is spoiling me rotten, I would like to have a chance to spoil him rotten in more ways than one.

Social Media Predators

Spotting sexual predators on social media is not that easy. One of the girls here at London escorts fell prey to a sexual predator on social media, and it has changed her entire life. This guy started to chat her up on Facebook, and before she knew it she was on a date with him. I am not sure how he did it, but it seemed that he was able to trace her from her About Me Page on London escorts. He sounded like a really nice, but when they met, he was anything but nice.

The problem with social media is that you can pretend t o be anybody. Some companies such as Google do try to check up on you, but it is not that easy. Sexual predators are very savvy, and they are also happy to spend money to keep their identity hidden. My London escorts colleague, discovered that the guy she was dating had several different phones on many different networks. A lot of planning go into their activities, and that is something that I had never thought of.

A couple of the girls here at London escorts have had their images stolen and used be dating sites. Most London escorts are very pretty, but when you stop and think about dating sites, you soon realise they are very much part of the social media revolution. The images which appear on dating sites account are often shared on social media, and in the end, the dating site becomes part of social media culture. It is very frightening and knowing how to control the situation is a real challenge.

Teenagers and young adults should be very careful. One of the best way to stay safe on social media, is not to befriend anybody who you don’t from the “real world”. It is just one of the many measures that you can take to stay safe. My best friend here at London escorts will not give her mobile phone number out to anybody on social media. I think that is a good idea as well. Some of the girls here at London escorts say that it perfectly safe, but I would never give up my mobile phone number.

We live in a brave new world, and it is important to try to stay as safe as possible. You have to be on your toes all of the time and think about what you are doing online. Many of the girls here at London escorts are very exposed as we put our images up. You may wonder why you cannot always see the eyes of your favourite London escort. It is basically an easy way to protect. Sexual predators have been known to patrol London escorts websites, so it is better to stay safe rather than be sorry. But we do need to do more protect ourselves. It is nice to be able to make friends on social media, but who is that person you are making friends with. That is what you need to ask yourself.


A Vacation That Turned Into A Sex Escapade

My name is Mike and I am a college student. This is a real-life experience that my friend Carl and I had last summer. I have changed the names for privacy reasons.

After a long semester, a vacation is something that most students look out for; and it was no different for my friend Carl and I. so we were vacationing in one of the beautiful beaches in the world, somewhere I am a bit hesitant to reveal. Before traveling to our vacation haven, we decided to spice it up by hiring escorts. So, we visited one of the top rated sites, and selected two escorts for our three-day vacation.

We agreed that the two hot ladies, Marie and Lavi, would meet us at the airport. Immediately we landed, we hooked up with them. They had already booked a taxi for us. Let’s just say that the action started there, whereby they went down on us and gave us steamy blow jobs. Honestly, we couldn’t wait to get to the hotel.

They lashed out their vibrators the moment we entered the room. They then toyed with their sweet holes, making us very sex hungry. They had also brought their bondage tools, so they asked us to tie them to the beds. After chaining them, they asked us to play BDSM which they enjoyed to the core. Now, our dicks were as hard as a sea rock. I fucked Lavi while Carl fucked Marie. After round one, we had supper then returned to the room for round two. Honestly, I felt like this is all I was going to do for the rest of our holiday.

Day One
Our hotel was next to the beach. So, the next morning after breakfast we dressed up for the sun. There was a bush of mangroves nearby, and a naughty idea struck Carl’s mind. We carried mats and lube in readiness for my first outdoor sex. This time, we decided to do it differently. Lavi put on a she male dick and made Marie blowjob it. I then fucked Marie’s pussy while Mike did her asshole; lets’ say it was a threesome situation. We then subjected Lavi to the same torture. Honestly, these girls were sex goddesses; they enjoyed every bit of it.

Day Two
Being new in the town, we opted to have a different activity the next day. We went sightseeing, after which we went shopping. Besides sex, Lavi and Marie were perfect at making decisions as they helped us choose great clothes and gifts for our loved ones back at home.

Day 3
Being the last day, this day we chose to stay in the room and have mind blowing sex. We would do single fuck then move to double fuck, then finally triple fuck. Lavi was great at deep throat blowjob, while Marie had a great pussy. Anyway, both gave us tantalizing sex. We also did an outdoor night fuck by the beach and under the stars.

In the end, we had to leave, but the memories of these three days went with me. I couldn’t help but wish that one of these sexy girls was my girlfriend. I can’t wait for my next vacation!